Wednesday 23 May 2012

.Diary - 230512.

Hello windy wednesday. 

Write a little before hitting the sack. Spent half of the day in GlennEagle hospital today with eldest sister for orthopedic consultation, due to the accident that i slipped in the bathroom last night. Awful experience, couldnt feel my left hand last night, couldnt sleep well bcoz of the pain at the joint. And there it is, a huge bruise on the upper part of my left hand. Glad that its much better now after meds and vacc. Hopefully can play for the tournament on this coming saturday. 

Was supposed to meet the doc at 1 yet he went out for lunch, so the nurse suggested us to have our lunch first and the doctor would be back around 2. We walked around the hospital trying to search for our lunch spot. And finally settle down at Dome because i've been craving to dine in there for so long. Their coffee and croissant is heavenly niceeeee. There're a lot of other choices in the menu, so tempted to try all of them. Lol. 
We had wild mushroom soup, cheese & ham croissant, breakfast set, iced chocolate and short macchiato.

Nightt world . 



  1. take care...its a sad news if cant play the game for a sports the way...the eggs looks oily...ha

  2. Get well soon. Hope you'll be fine by Saturday's tourney.