Wednesday 30 May 2012

The best memories in May.

The best memories in May would definitely be our victory in Hari Belia Dodgeball Tournament 2012!

Its been some time since the last time we took part in a dodgeball competition, and we were all so happy and joyful on our winning after putting much efforts in trainings. Yet, its all worth it when we've got our medals and RM1500 cash in hand from the organisation. XD 

Despite that there're conflicts of opinions and arguments happened after matches, we've been sitting down  to discuss, speak out our thoughts and most importantly, take in what others have suggested. Am grateful indeed for having all you gals as my team mates, working hard towards the same goals, and being supportive when its needed. Bring back more victories together gals! (=  

pictures taken on the tourney days . 

blossomy flowers that caught my eyes . 

the devils and legions . 

Zahra . 

Eian, Jack and JiaEn . 

me with one of my fellow team mates, Negar . 

busy applying sun block, otherwise sun burnt is what comes next . 

cutest team mate . 

Ohhhh, two of the nicest Iranian that i've known . 

Vincent and Mg . 

the gals <3 

medals and cash made us happyyyy . Lol . 

with MeiKit . 

with team mates and captain . 

sharing the moment of delight with the twins . and the oh-so-happy Navid intruded . 

with Summer . 

we had such a beautiful evening . 

on the way back to uni . 



  1. super like tat "beautiful evening" pic.
    sunmore,seldom saw ur nice smiley teeth ^^
    Again,congrats :)


  2. congratz for the winning :)

  3. Congrats on your winning and I must say I'm truly proud of u (;