Sunday 20 May 2012

.Diary - 200512.

Hello sweet sunday. 

Writing this post in the meantime listening to KennyG's Song From The Road album. Yessss, i attended his concert last night! Its the very first concert that i've attended and am so glad its KennyG's. Never thought that i could have a chance to see him performing live in Malaysia. Its was indeed an awesome and great night spent listening to his music, experiencing and knowing his talent deeper. Calm, fun, joyful, enjoyment and happiness all in one memorable night. Am just pure glad that i was there. <3 Thanks mom for sponsoring me the ticket and eldest sister to be my companion last night. Kind of depressed that his concert had already passed, as if i have nothing to be looking forward to right now. Hoping that he'll be coming Malaysia again. 

Changed the playlist song to 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' by KennyG, my favourite song of his. 

KennyG's Hear & Soul concert . 

 Bought one of his album last night and got his autograph personally ! (;

Few lil things that delighted me in the past few weeks <3
#1. Breakfast with friends at Plan b, Bangsar Village. Second time there, trying out different food. 

flat white . 

breakfast platter . 

#2. Paintball session with uni mates ! Bruises over thigh and arms yet its soooo fun. 
paintball bullets . 

#3. Frens and family gathering <3 Chin woo invited us to her aunt's house for steamboat on a Sunday night past few weeks. So close to chin woo that we're close to her aunt too. Lol. Btw, her aunt is so friendly, just like our frens.

relaxing at the balcony . 

motorbike ride with chin woo (; 

chin woo and vanessa . 

Alice was there too. An experienceful tour guide, been travelling to so many countries . 

the flute performer of the night hahahah . 

time for some fooood :9 sausage the fav . 

the kids. Had so much laughter with them .

#4. Had my fav dimsum :9 Was sending my car to service centre last sunday, so dropped by the famous old dimsum restaurant while waiting the service to be done since its just nearby. And thanks my young brother for being my driver that day (; Cuz i couldnt drive without license, and the reason why i didnt have my license with me because i left my wallet in Casey's car. Sighh.

#5. Coffee craving satisfied. Catching a movie that day in mid valley, so young brother thought of following me and he could study for his exam in Starbucks. Yet Starbucks was very packed, thus we settled down in Austin Chase instead for some nice coffee. 

#6. Family outing <3 Lunch in Canton-I and shopped a lil beffore heading home. 



  1. I like how your background music gives us(your readers) more feel when one reads your post, in this case, me. Will try my best to update my blog soon to blow away all those 'dust' if you know what I mean (=