Wednesday 2 May 2012

.Diary - 010512. The Loaf, Bangsar Village

As we all know 1st of May is worldwide Labour Day, and hence, holiday for both of my busy parents! 

Managed to persuade them for an outing that day instead of resting at home and do nothing. And it was the last day of my sem break holiday, so i was thinking, no matter what, i really shouldnt spend it at home. It'd be such a waste if i do so. 

We went The Ming Room which located in Bangsar Shopping Centre to have dimsums in the morning, and then we decided to have a walk at Bangsar Village I and II to kill time. Dad always like to find some cafes or bistros to settle down for resting after a long walk, to have some coffees and pastries that we all adore. So we suggested The Loaf since we havent had a chance to try out their pastries. Its kind of a lifestyle bakery or bistro that offer a huge variety of pastries and breads. They offer a full range of ala carte breakfast, lunch and dinner menus too. 

Fancy their japanese dough, Oyaki. Its soft and came in different sweet and savory fillings which priced at only RM2.90 each. Suitable and convenient for a quick bite. I like their lemon cream cheese (= Chewy, cheesy and taste abit soury caused of the lemon. U might like it too if u're a cheese person. 

 choco petite and oyaki . 

cube 60

caramel cappuccino . 

iced caramel latte . 

eldest sis, Kean <3

hot chocolate . 


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