Saturday 16 July 2011


Have you ever encountered this kind of situation that you sitting alone at somewhere, with ur laptop on, notes and drink on table, and you wanna go to washroom so badly yet you just cant leave ur stuff just like that, so u ask for help from the ppl sitting nearby u to take care of them just for a short moment so that u could leave ur table without worrying bout ur stuff got stolen. Have you? 

I had. An unpleasant one. 

Went starbucks today to meet my sis and casey. They went for movie around half an hour later and i stayed there for revision. Just as what i mentioned, i have my laptop, camera, notes and bags with me yet i wanted to go washroom so badly, so i ask a lady sitting in front of me to watch over my stuff just for a moment till i get back. And what comes next was really pissed me off. I got back a NO and a reply from her saying 'Huhh, but if there's anyone passed by and took ur stuff i wouldnt know', comes along with an accusing tone and enraged face.

Come on, u're just sitting in front me. If its really so happened that someone passed by and wanted to take my stuff, cant u notice?

Am not peeved at her, i was just clueless. I mean cant u just say nicely if u not willing to help? Not with the tone and face please. 
Felt like am an idiot when i got back such a reply and the stares, from the lady herself and her kids. I was like, wth? I wanted to say something but nothing comes out. I seriously felt like am a fool :/ 

My supposed-to-be-a-nice weekend had just been spoiled by her. 
Allow me to say that, I really feel like punching right on her face! 



  1. take a deep breath and think widely..dun judge with those selfishness people ..its worthless ..cheer =)

  2. hahaha.if me : i will reply.. Oh well, may the god bless you =).Thanks .

  3. havnt finish ur post, two words com out of my mind- slap her!!!!

    u should reply her in front of her kids:"selfish!!!"

    these low class ppl should not go starbucks!!!

  4. Aaron* Yea true (:

    Shon* Lolz I cant even think a word that time, mind blank. Because i really expect a yes from her :X

    Xiong* Hahah if i slap her then i'll be the bad one (: