Sunday 10 July 2011

.Dinner + Movie.

Family dinner at OneUtama last night. And since most of us have been craving for sushi, sushi zanmai was our first choice (: 

.dragon roll.
love this. yummilicious (:

.java chip and caramel frappucino.
chilling at starbucks for a short while when waiting the movie to be started

.bro Loong and me. 

.Loong and Kean. 


Oh yea, not forgetting to mention that the movie 'Mr.Popper's Penguins' is indeed a successful comedy. Its so hilarious that we could barely stop laughing throughout the entire movie. Need some laughter? Watch it (: 



  1. Hahah. He's naughty more than cute lor i think (:

  2. that's stamina roll, not dragon roll my dear.

  3. val:adik always naughty de lah~haha
    then are u naughty and bully ur bro n sis?XD

    kean: i goole it dy.ya,it's stamina roll. it oso long as dragon, named it dragon roll bah!wahahaha