Saturday 23 July 2011

Sunday morning.

Today we have such a gloomy sunday morning.
Such a gloomy weather to start my revision for tomorrow test. 

People always says, having a gloomy weather is nice to sleep in. Yet it has no different to me as my room's windows will be all closed till the moment i got up. So i cant really feel the cooling breeze. Hahah :B
Woke up around 9.30 this morning and got all my lab reports done! *Yeepee* 
My lab tutor requested us to hand in all the lab reports next week as finals is coming. And i still have three tests awaiting ahead :X GOD BLESS.

Shall back to revision now, Have a wonderful day ahead everyone (:  



  1. gambateh n good luck ^v^

  2. because u sleep under a room with air-conditioner,therefore u cant feel the natural cooling i right.?LOL

  3. Xiong* Thankyou C: Good luck to you too!

    Aron* Hmm true. But even though i didnt switch on the air-conditioner, i will keep all my room's windows closed as well hahah.