Sunday 19 September 2010

Delicious @ One Utama

Camee back from Phuket last week and was too busy that I havee no timee to upload the pics. Had been receiving complaints from June & Syikin bout this, promised will upload them asap ":) 

As usual, this is alsoo an overdue post. I really havee doubt on my own ability to upload a post on timee! *Sigh* 

Had dinner with KokHarng and Stephi at Delicious, One Utama sincee they had come back to kl. Decided to watch Aftershock with my sisters, Kean and Vann beforee that, n I really havee to admit that it was a great moviee. It was soo touching! My eldest sis cried likee no body business and she attempted to get somee tissues from me n vann but ended up a lady sitting beside her passed her a tissue LOL. She was crying terribly indeed!

read some recipe books when waiting the couple

me :)

Delicious @ One Utama

Stephi & KokHarng

Stephi & me

somee candid shot :D

Brownies *yum yum*

Stephi & Vanessa

KokHarng, Vanessa, Stephi

Stephi, me, KokHarng

Lets meet up again next timee youu guys back to kl :) 


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