Thursday 23 September 2010

Its all about mooncake, candles, lanterns, frens & memories :)

Hellooo :) Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival! 

As everyone knows, two days ago was Mid-Autumn Festival. It's quitee an important fete day for chinese but ppl who actually celebrate this festival nowadays is getting lesser. 

In fact, the celebration doesnt need to be grand, it can be just a gathering among families or frens, a chance that congregated us together to sharee laughters :) 

Me and my sister paid a visit to chin woo aka monkiee's housee after the reunion dinner :) Reached her housee around 8.30pm. 


They're helping out for praying :)

chinese traditional pastries :)

something that i dunno what's it until chin woo told me *Hahaa* 
she said we called it antelope/cow horn 羚角

chin woo's mum

Two little cutee girls :)

were playing "masak-masak" 

with real cooking ingredients! Hahaa I never tried that beforee in my childhood :D

ricee, onion, vege :)


monkiee & vanessa
candles :)

lanterns :)


chin woo's bro Rooney and Vanessa


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