Sunday 19 September 2010

Our Achievements! :)

Congratz to the champion Red Legion and 2nd runner up, Devil Dukes that they had really donee a great job in the tournament - Jackpot Madness. Proud of youu guys! 

And alsoo to the ucsi girls team onee & team two, youu gals did a good job! Despite that we didnt get to win the first placee, but 1st and 2nd runner up alsoo not bad :) At least we gain experiences and get to learn something through this tournament. Thankyouu to all my team mates, really glad to be in the samee team with them and I really had fun in the trainings and games :) 

I believed that everyone's exhausted after the competition and days of training, so do I, so rest well and get ready for CDL! :)