Saturday 13 March 2010

Thailand trip Day One @ Bangkok

Went for a tour to thailand on the fourth day of cny, Uncle Fred n his familly joined us too!! It's our veryy first timee travelling together :)

Flight was around 1pm n we did the check-in stuff oncee we reached the airport. N something sudden happened which starrtled us unawares. Mum's passport gonna expired in two month timee!! Fyi, we could only go abroad if our passport still possess six month timee available beforee the expired datee. Mum was not allowed to board the planee, n she has to renew her passport if she wanted to go abroad. Obviously there's no alternative route open to us, so dad n mum took the later flight tat day which is 6.45pm n all us took the original flight. 
We all miss dad n mum badly when they're not wit us *Hahaa*  

my brothers
loong n chuan

me n yi ching, a sweet n nicee cousin :)

suyin n kean
my sweet cousin n sis <3

yc n kean

We reached Bangkok!! :D

Insidee the touring bus

taking boat to a temple

vanessa n suyin

a bed tat has over hundred years history


yi ching

loong, vann, yc, chuan, kean, suyin <3
a famous praying placee in Thailand, located at the centre of city

I felt soo sleepy by the timee we reached hotel seriously

a food stall which sell thin pancakee near the hotel :)

choc n banana :D


Hmm, I did bad in my bio mid term today  :/


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