Sunday 14 March 2010

Today, Yest, The Day Beforee Yest

Ahh!! I overslept again today n i supposed to havee class at 8 in the morning. Felt n still feeling sorry to Quin n Kai Wen, they supposed to fetch me to coll today n they reached my house at 7am, but i'm still comfotably sleeping on my bed by the timee they called me. *Sooo sorry* >.<

Tmr will be computing studies' mid term, n class tat i missed today is computing studies' tutorial, hmm~
I used to skip the tutorial classes every mon, but when there're exam coming, i might attend *Hahaa* So realistic ehh :P

My bro bought a pair of headphones at Apple storee last month n they havee prob in volume-controlling now, so i went 1-utama last sat to get it reconditioned. Chin woo tagged along too :)
Sincee the person in chargee was not in by the timee we reached Apple storee, so we thought of catching a moviee to loaf away our free timee first whilee waiting for the person to comee back. Few of my frens recommend "Alice nn the wonderland", so we made a decision of watching it beforee we reached cinema.
N ohh, we forgot it's sat night!! There's a veryy veryy long queue and "Alice in the wonderland" was alr selling fast :/ *sigh* We gadded bout the mall n return to apple storee after an hour.

Pics taken within the one hour we lepak around :)
Anlene World Osteoporosis Day Event

"Bone Tunnel"

bone testing donee by the Anlene Milk group 
I personally likee their yogurt lots <3

Went jogging wit mum, loong (bro), chin woo n my aunty in the evening at Kepong. It's a public park n lots of ppl lovee jogging theree n there's definitely a good placee to fly kitee :) It's my first time been theree n i'm pretty suree there'll be second timee or even moree :3

At night, went Desa Parkcity to havee dinner @ La Casa. I lovee their food!! <3
Icee lemon teaa

Pizza Hawaiian

Carjun Salmon with Salsa

Alla Carbonara, my fav :)

Mutton Chop

Dad *lovee*

sis, vanessa <3

mum n sis <3

me n mum <3

my young bro, yee loong <3

waiting for the rain to stop...

 a chinesee novel series consists of  6books.
tis is the fourth book n i'm veryy in lovee in them :)


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