Sunday 7 March 2010

It's Tiger year

Chinesee new year had passed for dunno how many days n now only i blog bout it, hmm~
Ookayy, lets start. Paying frens n relatives a visit on new year's day is a traditional way of celebrating cny. So as usual, some of my parents' frens camee n we did visit to other frens' house also :)

*1st Day*

uncle robert's son n nephew

my eldest sis, kean
she went back to aus few weeks ago, miss her soo much!!


my beloves sisters <3

Me n vann went to chin woo's housee after tat bcoz she told us tat her aunts n uncles were all theree, we could receive a lot of red packets if we go *hahaa* N we did really go :P
So bad laa we ..><..

chin woo n me

chin woo, vanessa n tiffany

rooney, chin woo's bro

see wat rooney's acting at the back =="

he's ready to go shower n we snapped a half-naked photo of him :D

* 2nd Day *

We stayed all day long in the housee on the 2nd day of cny as there're many ppl visited to our housee tat day. There's a hustle n bustle scene of excitement at my housee n somee of them stayed n had dinner wit us too :)

my dear daddy <3
I could hardly see him cooking, n he cooked onee of the dishes tat day ":)

daddy n sis

thosee snacks tat we all lovee to eat during cny

weng kiet, the youngest cousin among all ":)

siew wei, weng hong, weng kiet, siew yee n vann

my anuty's pet, Boy Boy

my veryy caring aunt

Around 9pm, chin woo n her family camee my housee n it's our parents' first met :D
They had a nicee moment chatting wit each other even though it was their first timee met. At the samee timee, thosee young kids were playing cards in the room.

kean, tiff n chin woo
chin woo dressed up so diffently tat day, n i think she's pretty :)

dear dad n mum <3
so coincidently both of them proned to one sidee :D

her mum n my mum <3

so silly =="

Tiring yet Funn!!


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