Sunday 21 February 2010

I'm feeling GOOD!!

I'm back to Malaysiaa!! =3
Well, the trip was not as fun as i expected :/ Syikin said tat i havee high expectation, but noo!! The trip was really not soo fun wit an old unclee as a tour guidee who changed the tour schedulee himself without informing the trip members earlier!! We missed somee placess ( I mean shopping placess hahaa) tat must be visited in Bangkok. Thosee're famous shopping malls in Bangkok which sell things in cheaper pricee!! Urgh!!

I must travel to Bangkok again, without tour guidee n do lots of shopping!!! *Hahahaa*

Anyways, i did took a lot of pics n will be shared after the cny post *winks*



  1. Chan Ying Qian1 March 2010 at 08:30

    honestly,touring without tour guide is a lot better,since they even hunt for Commision from the shop you visit,as a result there is decreases of discount for you
    one of the way of travel that i recomend is buy own air ticket,survey for public transport and hostel from website like
    its a lot cheaper and you dont have to rush for those tight schedule, travel should be something relax :)

  2. Yeaa, exactlyy!!
    I went wit my family n i think it's better to havee a tour guidee sincee it was our first timee visiting to thailand, just we dunno tat the schedule was not well-planned :/ But we'll definitely visit theree again without tour guidee n relax ourselves :)