Sunday 14 March 2010

Thailand Trip Day Two @ Bangkok

Went jogging wit chin woo today at Frim. N my sis went hiking at Broga Hill wit the collegemates tis morning, how much i wish i could join uu guys T____T  *wail*

Must join next timee :D

Let's continuee wit my thailand trip, day 2 at Bangkok as well :)

waiting for the tour bus
the driver's latee for 1hour!! >.<

yi ching . yee kean . suyin

lambatnya the tour bus

The first placee we visited was Safari World. What uu can see is animalsssss *hahaa*
Enjoyy the pics!! ":)

a lot of warning boards placed everwhere randomly for reminding

there's a woman insidee the cage to feed the tiger. Scaryy!!

uu're so comfortablee huh :)

val n vann <3

mum n dad <3

us <3

there're huge crowd of kindergarten kids theree, cutee :D

suyin . yc. kean. vann

cowboy show

play games when waiting another show to start

*Yeah!!* Won tis :3

dad n me :)

vann n dad :)

yee loong :)

Hahaa he couldnt find his sizee :D

Ohh, sweet *hahaa*

Uncle Lau

Dolphin show!! I likee tis show the most!!
Dolphins are sooo adorableee!! <3

my family :)
I lovee uu all!!

dad n mum
taken at the hotel lobby

The middle guy is Eka. He's a super duper nicee man!! Kean knew him at Adelaide n he's a native Thai :)
He brought us to shopping as he knew it's not included in our tour schedulee. Even him was perplexed, how comee the shopping part is not included!! *hahaa * So, can uu feel our sense of loss n dissapointed right now?? Can uu?!!


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