Thursday 14 January 2010


Hmm, i'm terribly sad now :/

Went time square wit my eldest sis n chi woo today to fix my DSLR's batt, it's a service centre, but then the staff there said the shop is not service centre, if i wanna fix my batt, i hav to go back to the place i purchased my DSLR. Then i was like "HUH?!" Bcoz the shop's signboard is stated "Canon Pros Service Centre", it's large n clear indeed.

It was okayy for me return to the shop tat i bought my DSLR, bcoz it's located inside low yat plaza *which is veryy near to time square, just take uu few minutes to walk there*

The sad thing is, i couldnt change my batt even though it's not my fault for getting the batt inoperate, i didnt drop it on the floor or water or watsoever. They said batt n charger are not under warranty, but only the camera's body. So, ended up paying RM250 to get a new one T_______T
It's sooooo bloody expensive!!

Trying to compare the price by asking those camera's shop one by one, yet the cheapest price tat i could get is 250. Wat i can do is just adopt to the fact n get a now one. However, still feeling a bit happy as finally, i can use my DSLR again :D Have been leaving it aside for quite a long time as it couldnt function without batt.

Went for dental appointment in the morning to tighten braces n catched a movie at time square at noon -- "carriers"
Get shocked a few times *hahahaaa* Quite nice to watch :)  Then, hav something to fill our tummy at old-town. Ohh yeaa, an small accident happened on us. Drinks tat we ordered spilt all over the table when the waiter's serving them, the drink was enriched choc, which has deep brown colour. Fortunely we're not wearing any white or soft colour outfit :P Yet, my sis's bag was the unlucky one :P Nice moment chit-chatting wit them there ":)

me n chin woo

chin woo n my eldest sis
* blur :/ *



  1. so sad about the battery... Camera battery is quite expensive d...
    Watch le tiger woohoo?

  2. Yeaa, it's soooo expensive!!
    Havent watched yet (: