Monday 11 January 2010

Malacca Fooooood Trip

Everytime i delay my post to be updated to my blog, i'm not feeling good. Just like wat i'm actuallyfeeling now, as tis is another overdue post AGAAIIN!!! :p

So, as the title mentioned, it was a foooood trip wit my uni buddies to the historically famous state---Malacca! The word "food" has to be stressed as it seemed like our main purpose to be in malacca *haha* Some of them couldnt make it due to their personal reason. Anyways, it was an Awesomeeee trip wit foood, photographing, n my uni chums which is the most weighty for the whys n wherefores ":)

After breakfast, we came over to few minutes of discussion, deciding who to drive. Fredrick n Casey be the drivers n we took off from ucsi thereafter. 
* I skipped quite a lot of the matters happened before taking off as it was really hard n umm, tooo lengthy to tell. Right gloria?! Hahaha *

before taking off

justin n vanessa
oh yea, n the tangerine toy ":)

On the way..........................................................................................

amelia n vann

Gloria started to get high in casey's car XD

*Yeahhh* We reached MALACCA!!! Not very crowdy there but quite hard to find parking places :/
Got down from the car after we found the parking places n started To capture watever we like :)

charity :) 

me n justin

pedicab! pedicab!
they're getting more n more advance now, they install speakers in the cab n playing loud music tat can ache ur ear!

gloria wit drunk expression lol

me n amelia

going to find some foood.....

vanessa n charity

tis is fredrick

saw a lizard under the bridge n there're its egg next to it
feeling a bit curious so take a pic of it

tis chicken rice shop is very famous in malacca, foreign visitors or even local one desire to try
see, there's a loooong queue

took some photo while lining up
vanessa <3

me, gloria, melia n casey

we left some of them queuing up there n we went in to tis snack shop to grab some snacks ":)
justin, the lolipop cant fit into ur mouth no matter how big u open n extend ur mouth lol
bcoz it's Tooooooo big!

casey, u still need baby's bottle? :P



the gals ":)
vann, val, gloria, charity, amelia n ally


we found gloria's name at the back of casey's T-shirt

*Yes* finally our turn ;)

we visited jonger street afterwards
tis located at the outset of jonger street

I like tis sooooo much! Soooo nice to eat!
* muachi*

they called tis " sugar ding ding " :)


gloria n vann wit muachi hanging outside her mouth *haha*

feeling thirsty n bought some drinks

they tasted good ":)


a punch from me to fred XD

they bought tis kid's plaything n kept blowing it

*blow blow blow*

vanessa n casey

back to tis statuary again, tat means we completed our journey at jonger street ;)

dunno how tis balloon *is tis also considered as balloon haha* got its freedom from fred's evil palm XD

" go as far as u can..."

he's still not giving up
blowing up another "victim"

charity n me :)

me, melia, vann

charity n vanessa

me n fred

eventually, some of them get influnced by fred n started to blow tis thingy ":)

funny :P
but i like tis lol

me n ally
she was spellbound by the blowing plaything as well

vann, justin

val, justin
his balloon was being blowed to the river XD

so hot huh?!
yeap, me tooo!

casey n me

me n she <3

ally * gloria * melia

me joined in :)


Gals ":)

charity * amelia * vanessa

lol tis terribly funny XD

group pic ":)

I like tis ":)

we took a lot of pic here ;P


fred imitate the statue of liberty XD

we had our dinner near sg long n went back home respectively thereafter
everyone were exhausted

Thanks for the sweet memories tat u guys bestow upon me ":)