Thursday 21 January 2010


It was last saturday tat me n my family had banquet at Thien Hou Temple. It's a temple which i think KL ppl are very familiar wit. Since we reached there earlier, so we walked n visited around :) It has been a veryy long time tat i never been there.

vanessa, my grandmum *we called her yi po*, valerie

me n my dear sisters <3
kean n vann

kean, loong n vann

Next morning, i went Pavilion wit my mum n both of my sisters to hav brunch @ Madam Kwan. They hav the best chicken drumstick ever!! :D It's just veryy veryy delicious *yum yum* Highly recommended ":)
N their banana fritters wit ice-cream n nasi lemak!! Ohh god, i'm so tempted right now!!  Gonna grab some snacks to suffice my hunger *Hahahaaa*

It was a joyous n pleasent day for me <3
My mum bought me a necklace from Swarovski :D
It made my day, i'm cheerful n delighted indeed!! Actually we're just passed by the shop, yet since my eldest sis suggested to visit inside, so y not to hav a look. N tat's the moment i fall in love to the necklace :) I'm just sooo into it <3
Thankss mum :) *muackssss*

There's a reason y i like it sooo much
It has two diff designs n patterns in two sides n uu can wear it in two ways ":)

*U're mine now!! Hahaa!! *


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  1. haha.. Every CNY i will go there also... Long time din go there le... Nice necklace wo... Buy le new year shirt?