Monday 30 November 2009

Outing 011109 @ Cafe Chulo

It's an awesome dinner night full of joyous laughter! Me,my sis,dai dai, chin woo,kah yen n tiff gathered to celebrate birthday of dai dai. It's a simple celebration which all of us gang up to hav dinner together ":)
Despite of the fact tat it's only a birthday dinner, it turned out to be mighty perfect :) Our original option was to celebrate at Full House. Since tiff n chin woo recomended a better place so we made a change, Jaya Square @ Cafe Chulo.
It was my first time been there n i totally fall in love wit the cozy ambiance. The food was awesomely palatable, service was nice, n it's was glad to hav dinner wit luscious views around :)

chin woo
food n drinks menu
sis, vanessa

val n vann <3>
sis n kah yen


the birthday girl, dai dai :)

me n chin woo
Yayy!!! FooD~

dai dai n tiff

can u get the savory smell of tis grilled salmon fish?? XD
finger lickin good~
pizza *thumb up*

sisters <3>
let me join in *haha*
vann, dai dai n kah yen

chin woo, me n dai dai


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