Tuesday 1 December 2009

The first family-day ever since her return ":)

Yayy~ my darling sis is here together wit us again ":) we miss u sooo much dear <3
She just came back from Aus two weeks ago, n last sunday we had our first family-day, the sweetest n complete family-day i've ever had as she has been furthering her education oversea for nearly three years. Finally, we could hav dim sum together again *haha* We all like dim sum!!! XD

It's a day tat i enjoy to the fullest wit my beloved family *loads of love* ":)

It has been a long time tat we didnt hav dim sum at Hotel Concorde, KL, like really a long long time. Tis place made me to recall my childhood memories as we used to spend our weekends by having breakfast or brunch there when i was still a little girl. Since my parents are getting busier in their business n work, the chances of going there are lessened. Anyways, i'm still glad tat we could spend our family-sunday there afresh~

egg tart, my all time fav

yea, they're my darling sisters :)
vanessa n kean <3

dear daddy n me <3

haih~~she used to bully the young *haha*

my cutey bro, loong

young in spirit :)

my lovely mum n dad :)

It was a great day great moment wit awesome ppl n nice food ":)


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