Thursday 19 November 2009

Gonna miss u sooo much~

She has gone to Mecca!!! We gonna miss u sooo much, i mean terribly much <3 Asyikin has gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca on wed wit her family n we went to KLIA to see her off. We felt really really reluctant when she went into the departure hall. Some of us did cry, especially girls. N my sis burst into tears syikin hug her before leaving >< Tis is wat we expected actually, as they're really close to each other ":) With no doubt, each of us did took pic wit syikin, tis is definitely needed. I'll see them everyday to cherish the memory of u, syikin ;)

asyikin n vanessa

asykin n june

then gloria

and the next one is trisyella

jo n asykin syikin n me

all of us except casey n justin
they dropped us down first then finding for a car park

"dun go pls....."

a bracelet which has syikin's name carved on it

casey n syikin

n the funny justin

obviously they're acting!

dun be sad, gloria

We'll miss u everyday, every minutes, n every seconds ":)
see u again 25 days later kayy?
*load of love*



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  1. wow... all wear white shirt...XD
    u will see u so soon...=D