Saturday 7 November 2009

not-really-proper picnic @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam

This is a extremely late post, i mean REALLY late! It was a picnic day wit my high sch chums n it's bout a couple of weeks ago? Perhaps three weeks ago? How tardy can i be to post it up, as it was undoubtedly a great day n i swear i hav sweet n pleased moment wit them ":)

It was sunday, a sunny sunday tat we choosed to spend it together, sharing joy and chiling out. It has been a while i didnt meet up all of them n having idle talks wit each other, i miss them sooo much n i do hope we can plan more activities like tis n get all of us enganged in

We're planning to hav picnic there but turned out not really a picnic tat we expected, its more like hiking. Yet still, we hav fun
~ Anyway, lets start ;)

wei cheng, me, chin woo, vann n tiffany
chin woo n lovely sis

suet yee, rather saying tat she is mun yee's sis, we treat her as our close fren as well ;)

chin woo, tiffany, wei cheng, dai dai n vann

n tis is kah yen

here are the bunch of them <3>

dai dai, mun yee's sis as well
she taught me a lot of photographing skills

vanessa <3>
me n yi voon

yi voon n wei cheng
we're saying both of them r standard 5 when we're walking behing them due to their height

n the tall one joined in, tiffany
she's chin woo's sis


we're wearing the same colour shirt
;) as we appointed one night before

looking at the map, finding way n sited our next destination~

me & u

vanessa n yi voon

me n wei cheng, the pretty girl ;)
vandalism!!! report to the police!!!

time to fill tummy

helping me to put on the mosquito repellant *hehe*
Thanks a lot :)

sharing is caring <3>

dai dai's mum n tiff

suet yee, dai dai n me

"I'm so thirsty, i'm so thirsty......."

It's time to introduce the strong-like-superman uncle XD
he's suet yee n dai dai's grandpa
he can really walk fast, even faster than the younger one, n he didnt feel tired =='
keep walking.....keep walking.....

imitating Michael Jackson lol

too tired *haha*

"vann, take away ur leg!!!"

*Group Pic* <3
there're loads of flashback memories when i'm wit them";)


dai dai's tripod stand was spoiled tat day , we're all feeling sorry
yet she had alr bought a new one now :)

cleaning up the place, getting all the things done, it's time to venture again!

Done *winks*

Be careful, dai dai

kah yen, vanessa n chin woo


the uncle felt tired alr XD

due to our tiredness, we rent some bicycles

Finally we reached Four Season House ;)

it's sooo cold inside the Four Season House, but we like it *haha*
as we're darn hot n tired walking outside

there's only one season now, Autumn

may our frenship stays forever ;)

saw a naked child when we're going to leave *haha*

It's the weekend tat out frenship history was made in its own unique way <3
~love n miss u all~

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