Saturday 24 October 2009

Just came back from a malay neighbour's wedding banquet, had a palatable lunch there wit my sis n my grandmum. I like malay pastries n puddings *loads of love* Everytime i attend any malay wedding banquet, i would more concentrate my attention on those pastries n puddings *haha* XD

Attended a music concert wit my sis yesterday night at Pandan Indah *Music of the Night Concert' 09* We dun really know the way, yet luckily we got Jian Hong to lead the way, if not so, the distance to be covered would be farther i think. Plus, it's extreme moment of traffic jam, i was badly unwilling to stuck in the jam n be late for the music concert. Thanks n grateful to jian hong to serve as a guide ;) It so happened to be a rainy day, n it's misty. We had our dinner at a cafe tat jian hong recommended, the food was nice to eat n it's so near the music concert's venue. Didnt take any pic as i forgot to bring my camera :/ Will never repeat tis again.



  1. That's too bad without camera..><'

  2. yea yea :/ the scene of all performers holding their instruments really catch my eyes n truly hope capture down the moment :)