Sunday 18 October 2009

unbalanced psyche

I was just came back from mid-valley, had my dinner there together wit my family at The Manhattan Fish Market. I like fish sooo much as if my dad does instead of chicken or other kinds of meats. I LOVE FISH <3 especially salmon :)
Hmm. as wat my post title mentioned, i'm going through an unbalanced mentality now. My dad bought my young bro an Ipod Touch!!! which i truly wish to own one, it's quite costly so i forgo the notion of buying it but actually it's still lingered on in my frame of mind. Anyhow, i'll still readily accept the fact ":) N i hav faith n trust tat my bro will lend it to me when i need it, right my dear bro?? *hahaha*

*Good Night ;) *


1 comment:

  1. cool...
    that gadget nice to play...
    ask ur bro lend it to me oso...XD