Thursday 15 October 2009

A day filled with enjoyment~

Hey yo ":) Tis is actually an overdue post as i was too lazy to update my blog recently :/ Anyway, i'm here to blog again, so yeah :)
It was friday n all of ur were invited to hav raya dinner at Syikin's house. Tat day was full of joyousness n it's been a long time tat i never feel such delighted n joyful :) College life is busy n tiring indeed yet i'm truly glad n pleased tat i hav bunch of college mates who r warm-hearted n tender :)

After my morning class, i kept my dental appointment n after tat me n my sis headed to mid-valley to join Jo n June as my sis planned to buy a bag n a pair shoe. She managed to get herself a bag which cost her 50bugs (she's soo excited as she never thought tat she could get the bag by only 50bugs) but she couldnt find any shoe, I bought a dress as well from nichii :) Then, we hang around the mall n we decided to chill at starbucks @ The Garden. In our way to satrbucks, we caught sight of a stall which sells malay's candy *Jesal Sweet Home* It caught june n my attention, we kept trying on those candies with diff flavour *haha* of course we did buy la after trying those candies. We're kind enough rite?? XD

me n jo in front of the stall
me n june
*Starbucks Moment*
June, a really nice fren :)

chocolate cake, my fav *winks*
june n vann


jo n june

vann joined in

oh ya, my sis bought tis pink donut as well n it has sweet n pleasant smell ":)

me jo june

posing posing posing

jo the hyper active guy

do u see vann's hand posture? they're going to "punch" *haha*



emo guy now :)

At night, we went Syikin's house to hav raya dinner *yuhoo* all of us were terribly excited to try malay's dishes tat prepared by Syikin's mum :) We fetched Louis at Angkasa Puri first before heading to Syikin's house.

see, jo just couldnt wait, he wanna to fly out of the car n eat
Syikin came out to welcome the guests :)
jo, june, syikin, vann n louis

It's time to fill tummy ;)i personally like the spaghetti a lot *yum yum*

of course the rest are delicious as well :)

Asyikin n Vanessa

i like tis pic soo much <3>

vanessa n louis

June n Jo
sis, me n louis

yeah v(^^)V

june n me :)

vann, justin, june n jo
Jo seemed hungry tat he kept looking at justin's dish *haha* :)

the special June ":)

my dear sis <3
casey n vann

june * jo
casey * justin

coddy, june
vann, casey n justin

here comes another bunch of frens
munkie's gf, munkie, alex n gloria
aaron, me n kk, my coursemate

asyikin n jo

The ladies
sue fei, panda, kelly n angelinevanessa n justin

june n munkie's gf, a cute girl :)

vann, june n gloria

me, asyikin, vann
june n gloria
kelly, me, panda

kelly vanessa panda

me n lucelia, she's so pretty :)vanessa n coddy

james n vann

panda, sue fei, lucelia, kelly n angeline

panda n june
Asyikin, they like ur house's pole sooo much *haha*
here's another cute girl, Liyana

they're syikin's frens :)
nice n friendly C&C
coddy n caseycoddy june n gloriagloria, coddy, vann, james, val n justin

justin is so lucky huh XD

*winks*coddy, june, jo n justinangeline, sue fei n vanessa

they love each other much :)

I was as HAPPY as a clam tat day ;)
Thanks a lot <3