Monday 19 October 2009


Hmm, tis a post tat supposed to be accomplished last few weeks, i was slothful considerably :p
It was bout birthday of Rooney n Lian Seong :) Their birthdays were both in October, n it's fun to partake in their birthday celebration ":)
Due to my "diligence" to write more, just let the pics do the talking kay??

*Rooney's Birthday*
He is a fren tat i knew in my high sch, he's two years older than me. We got closer after i knew his sis, chin woo -- my intimate :) He's a great badminton n basketball player, he can sing as well, he used to be choir member in my high sch :)

a cute boy tat i found inside the house XD

Rooney's mum n aunt

Here comes the birthday boy, Rooney Fong

Yay!!! my fav <3

chin woo n my sis

michelle n vann

suet yee

dai dai's "9chai" :)

n tis's mine :)

chin woo, me n dai dai

dai dai, me n suet yee

cute :)

her name is BABY ":)

so got mama feel XD

I like tis *cupcakes* :)

Rooney n his family

*make a wish*

wei cheng, sis n xin zhi

they're twins as well :)

chin woo n me


we're younger

n they're elder *haha*

inside the k room

*Lian Seong's birthday*
He's my course mate in UCSI. He's from Pahang together wit my another course mate -- ying rong, they're good frens n i knew them in my first sem of foundation. He's a helpful guy n sometimes bashful :) We did the celebration at Desa Parkcity which is a nice place to chill.


Isaac, me n lian seong

lian seong n kai wen

kai wen, lian seong n quin

Isaac, lian seong, ying rong
me n kai wen


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