Saturday 29 August 2009

Malacca Trip

Yeah, my laptop had finally come back to me again :) *Hooray* It's time to post up the malacca trip long long time ago wit beloved family <3 As wat i said in the previous post, it's glad to go malacca for one day trip, jalan jalan n makan makan haha :)

camwhoring inside dad's car out of sheer boredom
bro n me
me n my twin sis <3
daddy joined in~ :)

boredom killer along the journey
*YIPPI* reached malacca n it's time to fill our starving tummy~
Dad:" Mmm, taste good~" *haha*

mommy *love*
our dishes
i like tis the most <3*yum>
Asam Fish

*chicken rice balls*
famous dish at malacca
*fish ball soup*

After finished eating, went to a shop which is a "must" for malacca's visitor to go as it's a specialty store tat sell special products of malacca.

sis, vanessa n mum

mommy n daddy <3>
*Tata, Malacca*

sis, vanessa

*yeah* Lets get into the ship~~

dad n sis

me n daddy

mum, was taken inside the ship~

my cute bro :)

put on our shoes n ready to go~ :)


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