Saturday 29 August 2009

G.I.Joe @ The Rise of Cobra

Here's a mini post. I hav done my theory test last Monday in the morning, after tat we headed to chin woo's house as we planned to catch a movie. It has been a while for all of us gathered together, i miss all of them so much *loves* We usually be together when we're still in my secondary sch :)

We picked TS as our choice to hav a movie. We took few minutes into consideration n our ultimate decision is, G.I.Joe @ The Rise of Cobra. The movie is undeniably an awesome, n prominent masterpiece.

Waiting kah yen n yi voon at chin woo's house.
chin woo & me
wei cheng n me
my sis n me
Went old klang road to hav a hair cut together wit my mum n sis. The star is extraordinarily bright :)


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