Thursday 27 August 2009

Sepang Trip :)

OMG!!! It takes me ages to upload all of the pics due to some network connection problems ><. I'm feeling terribly tired now n not in the mood to blog. However, i insist on completing tis post as i wanna to let u guys know how fun the trip was :) To avoid myself dying out of boredom in my 2weeks sem break, i joined tis trip which actually held by my sis's frens, n now, they're frens of mine too :) Feeling greatest gladness n delight during the moment wit all of them, they're the fountain-head of joy n laughter :) Now, let the pics to do the talking *as i'm really tired to write more :p*

Sepang Trip *yuhoo*
*yeah* we arrived our destination @ Sepang :)
Justin *hands up*
justin n vanessa
climb climb climb
munky, justin, vann n casey
me wit the little orange toy n gloria
vanessa n louis
the couple <3
their babes :) the left one is Bibi n the right one is Hou hou, if i'm not mistaken
justin n me

waiting at house until 4pm n take off to the beach

waiting... *Jo played guitar to kill time*
Finally, we were at the beach!!! :)
Justin the crazy guy
casey, jo n alvin
justin n louis
jo n vann
louis n gloria

in the process of light up a fire for BBQ
it takes time

*Yes* finally the fire turned up
it's time to eat *hungry hungry*

Went into the sea after they're full wit hunger satisfied. They had fun!!! :)

putting sand on casey *pity* haha

Ahmm *yummy??*
found a cola tin n started to camwhore wit it *sigh*
louis n gloria
louis, vanessa

casey, the BBQ chef :)

his "masterpieces"

The couple <3>Tis pic looked sooo romantic wit holding their hand together :) N the sunset is simply flaming n glorious
vanessa n casey
cute expression justin *haha*
Dun clip us pls!!!

Tis pic was taken by Justin. He took long time to capture as he waved the camera while capturing. N Jo started complaining as me n my sis pinch n hold his ear quite hard, sorry Jo :)
me n my sis

vanessa, justin n me :)

torturing the pity Jo again xD
me, justin, jo n louis
vanessa, justin, jo, louis

Jo, me, Justin n Vanessa
*high jump* YEAH

u're cute in tis pic, justin :)


group pic

Tis is so funny :) Casey, the chef d'oeuvre

Really hav graet time n joyful wit all of them n i'm looking forward the next time travelling together :)

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