Sunday 16 August 2009

I had been neglecting my blog for quite a while, i'm actually dying to write something, yet i hav to cope up with my final exam. N finally, my final had come to an end, i'm here to blog again :)


When i stopped from doing something tat i used to do, i felt like it was actually heavy-going to make a fresh start. I'm in tis predicament at present :( *sigh* Hard to figure out wat i really gonna to write about :/
During my exam week, i had spent majority of my time for studies. Since final had concluded n two weeks sem break are meted out , i wanna to catch as many movies as possible :) I had catched two movies for the time being, once after the final :) "The Proposal" n "Ghost of Girlfriends Past". Erm, in my submission, i prefer "The Proposal". Hilarious, Romantic n Impressive.

"The Proposal"

tis is wat i do when my study comes to a boring stage, camwhore those tedious n vapid notes
*Computing Essentials*
Blek!!! I hate it :(

my sis's new baby :) Baby-G

I was making painstaking efforts to study n she was there to surf Internet. UNFAIR!!!
nola, actually she's checking next sem timetable :)
Next post will be the Sepang Trip. Fun Fun Fun :)

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  1. Wow...i've just watched the proposal...
    nice nice..^^