Saturday 25 July 2009

It's all about...

It's 1am now n i'm still in front of my PC :( My eye's dark circle is getting terrible n terrible day by day *sigh* OKOK, gonna to turn in soon after accomplishing wat i wanna to write about. I'm here to write all about Emma Watson :) *yuhoo*
She's gorgeous!!! I'm super duper likey her right now :)

*Drum Rolls*
Emma Watson :)

note: Her personal charisma n fascination caught my eyes successfully!!!


  1. haha...she is a pretty girl indeed...
    u watched harry porter??

  2. nope, havent watched 'Harry Potter' yet. U watched alr? Gonna to watch soon :)

  3. yea, the main character of 'Harry Potter'

  4. i watched already lo...
    hehe....but tis movie not so nice if compared to previous 1...><
    but nvm la....can see dao emma...haha....
    she is more leng lui now...haha