Tuesday 28 July 2009


Tmr Will Be My Violin Practical Exam's Day!!!

*God Bless Me*
Finally, it comes. I'm sure tat i'll be super-duper-ultra-hyper nervous tmr. Somemore, i'm the FIRST one to start the practical exam *shiver*
OKOK, dont be nervous. What u need to do now is just *stay calm* As my violin tutor said:" the exam is going to end within 5-1o minutes, so just relax urself n perform the best!!!"
One of the frens of mine, Derrick, taught me some skills to loosen myself. Whenever i'm panic, try to hav a quick inhalation yet exhale slower. Tis really do help when u found urself in a lather or short supply. Have to stop here. As the saying goes:" Practices make Perfect". Another thing tat i'm able do now to allay my nervousness is keep practicing again again n again :)
*wish me luck*