Saturday 18 July 2009

Dim Sum, my all time favourite~

A palatable Sunday's brunch with my daddy, mommy n young bro, Dim Sum *yum yum* :)
Having dim sum at Federal Hotel last Sunday, it has been a long time tat we didnt hav our meal there. My elder bro n sis were not together wit us, they had to cope with their own stuff. How unlucky are they?? As those dim sum were really nice n tempting!!!

young bro, Loong
"The Common Knowledge about Chinese History", bro's book. I'm wondering y he's so interested in chinese history which i hav zero relish in it. Yet at least, i fond of it than Msia one. *Ahaha* I'll try to gain some knowledge about chinese history as my cutey bro said tat someday, they'll be advantageous n functional to us. :)
Finally comes to food. Dim Sum, my all time favourite. :)
Unfortunely, the egg tart had sold out when i wanna to take an order of it :( I miss my egg tart *loads of love*
dearest daddy n mommy
We went to Low Yat Plaza afterwards as my bro n I need to get ourselves a pen drive. I managed to get myself a 4GB one whereas my bro got a 8GB one. Then we went to Pavilion as my dad wanna to purchase a new wallet n "get rid of" the old one. *haha* Actually my daddy likes his old wallet indeed until he felt terribly reluctant to change a new one. Yet he had been using it for almost ten years, 10 YEARS!!! Daddy, u did a right choice in buying a new wallet :)

Lexus car exhibition was holding there. We had a look there as my dad heart cars sooo much *wees*

DAD & MOM <3
mommy, me n daddy *smile* :)
Ice-Cream!!! Banana flavour. I LIKE BANANA :)
Daddy's new wallet *Dunhill*
Need to turn in earlier today :)
*Good Night*


  1. haha...u so good la...
    almost every weekends going out with family...

  2. ya lo ya lo ~~
    so good o ... every weekend go out ~~
    nice wad ~~hehe ~