Thursday 14 May 2009

~Long Long Tiring Day~

Oh my gosh, i have been starving for hours. I'm just back from college n now, i'm super duper hungry :( It had been a long tiring day as my lecture classes were going like continuously today. So, i didnt hav a break or even a gap to buy something n eat.
I really loathe Malaysian Studies...why do we need to select such a boring subject?? Some more it's a necessary *Argh*
What i can do now is just adopt the fact, keep my mind n attention during this lesson, so that i can pass the tests n say good bye to this course. *winks*
My tummy is "sending" hungry signal for me again, it's time for me to slip into the kitchen n snatch food on the sly :)

1 comment:

  1. haha...
    tis is college life lo..
    today my class from 830am until 600pm...
    even thought have some breaks..
    yet damn tired....
    so u must gambateh yo^^
    try enjoy ur college life ya^^