Saturday 16 May 2009

Unbearably Painful~

What sparked off the unbearably pain of mine?? The braces!!!
I had fixed braces on my teeth yest morning. I didnt hav any uncomfortable n painful sensation the moment after the braces fixing process finished. Yet, few hours later, once the numb effect of the anesthetic had gone, i really couldnt stand the pain, terribly pain :( Luckily the dentist gave my a pack of pain-killer medicine to relieve pain. He told me to hav one once i feel painful. I tried my best to endure the pain, yet i could hardly put up with the pain any longer, so i consume one before sleeping in order to hav a good slumber. N i slept well last night :) *hearty laugh*

Except porridge n beverages, i couldnt hav anything else to fill my tummy. I cant eat hard foodstuffs for a short moment. But unfortunately it happened that i received chocolates from my fren n violin teacher. *Argh* I cant eat chocolate...
To hav no alternative, i can just look at them, imagining them melting in my mouth......><
M&M Crispy

Colourful pelletsGiven by my violin teacher, she had just come back from Langkawi :)


  1. hahaha ~~
    wait few more day then can eat liao marh ~~
    not mie ?

  2. i oso dunno when i can eat hard foodstuff ><...haiz, nvm la, can diet :)

  3. wa....
    so cham leh...
    if me i think i wil crazy..
    bcs i damn like chewing food in mouth...><
    but i think after few weeks can le??