Wednesday 13 May 2009

Hasty Morning

Our algebra n trigonometry lecture class was started at 11am today, n we nearly failed to make it on time, as Quin overslept himself. Yet, we couldnt ascribe the blame to him, because last night, he cuddled down into bed at 3am in the morning due to the electric power cut. His house was black-out through the whole night. N he couldnt stand the super duper hot circumstance inside his room, so he couldnt sleep well. All these whys n wherefores lead to his overslept. Quin n Kai Wen came n picked me up at 10.35am, n we reached UCSI at 11.05am. *Phew* Quin drove terribly fast. Although our lecturer were in the class ahead of us, but the class hadnt started yet, so we're not considered as late, right??

*YIPPI* I had successfully modified my blog by adding playlist n chat box :) I'm so grateful to Big Circle for all he had taught me to modify my blog. Actually he showed me some blogger templates as well, yet i'm not going to change my blog's template. Because there too many blogger templates for me to option, they dazzled my eyes, so i gave up selecting them.

I finished my lecture class at 12pm today, mighty happy to finish my class such early :) So, i had lunch with Kai Wen, Quin n Big Circle at Kepong. Big Circle n Kai Wen kept discussing about series drama, n as usual, Kai Wen had been the last one to finish her dish *hoho*
Few minutes later, the rain poured steadily down, the thunder n flashing bolt shocked us out :/ Since a rainy day is a good moment to hav a nap, so we went back home after we settled the bill.
It's time to nap :)