Sunday 3 May 2009

A different Weekend @ Parents' Engineering Firm

Last two weeks, my parents' engineering firm has shifted to a spacious one which located at Sri Gombak. Erm, actually the old one was located at Sri Gombak as well, yet the new one is around the new industrial area. Instead of staying at home and letting the precious Sunday to be occupied with nothing, so i decided to string along my parents and hav a look at the shifting process of those big deal of machines :)
My sis was coming with me whereas my elder bro was forced by my parents to tag along with us, as he's growing elder now, should learn something which are useful to him, right?!

I drove my daddy's car tat day which is extremely great n huge in size, Toyata Lexus :) But of course, i was only allowed to drive for a short distance as my driving skill was not really good
*Drum Rolls* Dang Dang Dang Dang...Toyata Lexus
my sis, Vanessa

those machines need LARGE hanger to move over, we derived great helps from this vehicle
this truck was used to haul those machines to the new firm.
High V *YIPPI*
Great admiration towards those drivers who drive this kind of trucks is always in me, as these trucks are hard to manage
my sis and my dearest mum <3
Oh, they're hanging the machines up n lay them down onto the ground

*Phew* Finally the porterage process had done. It really consumed a big deal of time, efforts and manpower. My daddy stayed back with a few workers to complete the remaining works.
Sometimes, we just need to hav a diverse weekend, as though mine, not at the house, not even at the shopping malls again, yet at the engineering firm
:) how about yours?
We headed home and had showers, then i went to 1-utama with my sis n my mum. We had some food once we got ourselves there, i had been starving for hours *hungry*

Penang Delights @ One-Utama

Asam Laksa *yum yum*
curry laksa

candid-shot, i wonder what was i looking at at that moment...
the Cap Girl :)


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