Wednesday 31 July 2013

731//2013 .

its been a long while. a notion of updating this space had been conceived and growing its way vigorously in my head that as if if i didnt do that, my head would burst. plus the constantly-adding amount of pictures in my phone, its time to do a wee bit of 'cleaning' . 

lets start from the most recent ones // some pictures taken over the weekends . x 

rare but great hangout combination, w/ alvin, vanessa & summer at Whisk 
lunch w/ chinwoo & sister yesterday over sandwich & burger at +Wondermilk
a shoot at the parking lot in memory of the hard time spent in finding a car park .
/// chicken california & mushroom melt sandwiches, & vann's grilled chicken burger ///
yes, she's conquering the kid's corner . 
cautiously examining the freshness of veggies & fruits . 
savoring the silent moment // favorite pic of all . 
red velvet // boysenberry chocolate klonut . 
peach flavor kombucha 
puffy and flaky klonut. cross-border between croissant & donut, thats what they said
abit greasy as its deep fried . 
famous putu piring from melaka! // overwhelmed with the incredibly massive amount of shredded coconut & gula melaka in there. ahh so good...especially pair w/ black coffee. thanks chinwoo for the treat ! 

off to ramadhan market soon w/ summer before training. to appease our a year's worth of cravings, we're ready to get swamped w/ those comfort food ! x 


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