Friday 9 November 2012

diary - 091112 .

hellooo, it has been awhile. pictures are accumulating in the phone so i thought of uploading them here before getting them deleted. just some daily stuff going on here .

Rachel felt like having burger one day so she suggested lunch at WannaBurger . 
i had chilis dog instead . 
a walk back to my hall 
the student union cafe . 
sometimes i just fond of doing works here, with a cup of warm mocha, when there's less crowded . 
volunteered-working for Edinburgh Game at the Meadow Bank Sports Centre with a bunch of friendly & fun people . nice to know them all(=
had dinner at The Blue Goose with Phin that night . 
preparation before dinner . 
with two of the cutest gals! KaiYee & RachelTee . 
was alone at starbucks that day to spend some me-time . 
mocha + blueberry muffin + doodle .
brunch with Rachel at Brunsfield, definitely a wonderfully delectable morning/noon . 
my first meal at PRET . 
visits to the beautiful cafes in edinburgh . 
breakfast for two . 
revision at Rachel's place . 

x hope ya'll had a great day x


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  1. Did you find out that every post there must be picture of food? haha
    Take care :)