Sunday 14 October 2012

diary - 141012 .

a short update before turning in. 
get my first lab report here done, which am so glad bout! it literally ruined my weekends. cant wait to hand it in tomorrow and finish the class test on tuesday. feeling so restless these few days that i told myself i need a day out to the town next week for a walk, good food & a cup of coffee as a reward hah!

Rachel brought me for a walk in HarrisonPark . 

i take breakfast seriously :9 english breakfast on a class-free morning . 
 toasts sandwiched with crumbed salmon, raisins, mayonnaise, lettuce & ketchup . 
toasts topped with bananas & nutella. u may find it weird, but its my favourite ! 

 garlic baguette with mushroom soup . 

had nasi lemak & teh tarik for dinner last night with Rachel & Veena at KampungAli. its sooooo good! so many varieties of malaysian food available . i'll drag them here again heh. 
fried rice portion for three . 
shared-kitchen with five friendly neighbours . 
a tea-time picture that my twin sent to me. miss her loads . 

off to bed, nightt . 



  1. Those food look so tempting :9

  2. How was the taste of the food??