Monday 20 August 2012

Weekends .

How your weekends has been treating you so far? This weekends seems longer for me because of the public holidays of raya. Hope you all did enjoy throughout the weekends.(:
OH, to all my muslim friends, selamat hari raya! Maaf, zahir & batin. Wishing u all & ur family a great raya & get more green ang pows.(;

It was on the sunday morning when my dad, young brother, eldest sister & i were planning to have our brunch in bangsar, we even decided where to eat this time before heading out from home. Yet, eveything was kinda out of the plan due to the fact that almost every restaurants that we visited to were closed cause of raya holidays. Plan B, The Loaf, Madam Kwans, all were not opened......hmm, what to eat then? There's one place that we thought of which would be surely opened, a dim sum restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre, The Ming Room. Yet we ended up having our brunch in Dome because we all crave for a cup of good coffee & some western style breakfasts.  

flat white . 
dad likes their wild mushroom soup, thick & smooth . 
my beef bacon with toasts . 

Some shots taken outside my house today morning . 
eldest sister . 
& her retarded half-painted toes . hahah . 
today's lunch in The Soup Restaurant . 
my twin & dad . 



  1. Tat photo of outside rooftop should be cropped to remove the tiang then it will we nicer.small suggestion lah, hoping u dun mind :)


  2. Seem like you had a great weekend with your family :)