Wednesday 29 August 2012

J&A .

my iphone photos are accumulated in my laptop for too long, the amounts can probably stack up into a tiny hill. shot a lot of photos in july & august with my phone. 

brunch with tyler at Antipodean .
banana pancake . 
cappuccino . 

another lunch at Antipodean again with sister & high school best friend, chin woo . 
waiting a friend to pick me up at the station on a thursday 
breakfast with eldest sis at starbucks . hot chocolate with tuna toast, new favourite . 
FatBoy's burger with the uni mates ! 
made omelette for breakfast .
roasted chicken salad at Fraiche . 
lunch with my twin at Ben's . 

some paper outfit that i drew for my iphone . 
dessert time at BaskinRobbin ! :9
fresh strawberries from cameron highland . ahh, how i wish there's still some leftover of these in the fridge . 
yogurt with oats & grapes . 
did some reading in Kinokuniya whilst waiting for a friend . 
picking up fruits in the market with grandma . 
a night spent with chin woo at Chilla Cup, a good place to do some great catch up ! 
some light food at Coffee Bean . scones & mocha ice-blended . 
my twin . <3 p="p">
lunch at Levain Patisserie . their mushroom soup is the best reason for my revisit .  

mochaccino con la nutella . the besttttttt !
grandma showed me this in the yard . a plant which its flowers looks like a birdie . 
caeser salad at secret recipe . not bad . 
spicy crab meat pasta at in Plan B . 
doodling at starbucks . favourite thing to do . 
dinner at Uncle Jang with a huge bunch of nice friends . what i remember the most was the ultimate spiciness . 
some sketches for my eldest sister's room mural painting . owl theme . 
on mom's big day <3 p="p">
my love, both . 
lunch at Plan B with chin woo . like this branch in Paradigm Mall, nicest among all . 

going to scotland next month, preparing myself for that mentally & physically. truly hope that my visa application goes well, the only thing am hoping for right now, cant stop worrying bout it. 



  1. Seem like you really love taking photos a lot. Keep it up, all the best in Scotland, take more nice photos in Scotland! :)

  2. Yeah i do!(:
    & thanks alot for your wishing, will definitely take a lot of photos there(:

  3. nice layout
    all the awesome doodlessss <3!