Saturday 7 April 2012

Fat Spoon, Damansara Uptown .

Hello sunny sunday . 

First of all, wishing all my christian friends a blessed Easter. Have fun colouring and decorating the eggs ! (=

Met up with my ex-tuition teacher and his wife two weeks ago for a simple yet great dinner at Damansara Uptown, a cafe named Fat Spoon. Adore the homely ambiance there, designed in modern vintage feel, and its so interesting that they decorated the cafe by hanging old style kitchen utensils, pot, at the corner and on the walls of the cafe. The unique way they did the place up really caught our attention, so do both of the pretty cafe owners . (=   

The food they serve are mostly grandma's recipe which mixed with a tad of modernity. Quite special I can say . (= 

The menu . We had such an nostalgic moment when we saw the menu, we used to read this when we're still kids, and we've still got the whole set of it on the shelves. Its indeed a creative way that they post the menu within the pages of the story books . 

cappuccino . 

spicy beef macaroni :9

banana spring roll with ice cream . thumbs up for this ! heavenly awesome . 

Mr.Yong and his wife . Loveliest couple ever . <3


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