Saturday 7 April 2012

Allianz Fund Raising Carnival .

One of my friend, Charity invited us to a fund raising carnival that was held by her mom's company few weeks ago. It was held in FRIM which is very near to my living place that me and my sister thought of dropping by. Was glad that I actually attended with my sister cuz we really had much fun there . (= 

Pictures taken that day . 

Charity & sister, Vanessa 

hand-made toys with different fabric patterns . 

fish-up game . For me its hard, but Charity is really good in this ! 

trying so hard to fish up one . Lol. 

here's the pro . getting the second one when we couldnt even managed to get one. 

happily taking pic with her harvest . 

 a childhood game that we'll never get bored of . Or maybe just for gals . 

tried out the pottery and had so much doing one for myself . (= 

 we can draw or write anything we want on it before it dried . 

so adorable . can foresee she grows up to be a really beautiful gal (= 


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