Saturday 7 January 2012

.happy belated birthday.

Hello pippo.

Has been away from a month plus, and now am back to blogging. Been away for a really long time, missing those time that i used to visit and update my blog once in a week. I shall really do that again. I enjoyed doing it actually, just that most of the time laziness takes over me. Lol. 

Anyway, am going to share a small post with you all today. (=
Yesterday was Summer's birthday, so i made a little present myself for her, with love peas that i collected from Titiwangsa weeks ago. Added slip of papers with wishes written on. Hope she likes it. (= 

arranged them to a heart shape (=

added some tiny shells too. 

done (=

p/s: Happy belated birthday and giving out my best blessing for you. <3


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