Thursday 12 January 2012

.diary - 120112.

Hello tasteless thursday. 

Overslept this morning and missed my 8am class. Not willing to get up and kept my phone alarm snoozing till 8.30am, such a sluggish lazybone I am. No longer make it on time to class so i decided to stay at home instead today, finishing the works that lecturer assigned and get my own stuff done. 

What a free thursday, for me its rather tasteless, so here I'm to while my idle hours away. Gonna share few pictures with u all, some of them were taken months ago whereas some were recently taken. (=

.haegen-dazs choc fondue.
My first try with college mates. 

I secretly think that everyone has that something they're always waiting for.

Did this with love peas. (=


Gonna do something to sweeten up my thursday, drawing maybe? (=

Au revoir. 


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  1. lots of nice pics.
    summore,wat u waiting for? LoL