Saturday 28 August 2010

Final results is released and to my delight, I passed all the subjects! ":D Not with an outstanding result, yet I'm satisfied with it ":) 

There's only onee day left for this sem break and coll will be reopen again next wednesday. Basically, most of my time in this sem break was spent helping out in my parents' office. Just somee easy tasks that I managed to do. However, I managed to get onee day leave from my parents and had an outing with MonkieeFong and my sister ":)

We went for movie, Step Up 3D at E-curve, which alsoo known as Cineleisure, and lunch at Dragon-I @ The Curve. 


Vanessa <3

Xiao Long Bao *Likee*

Fried La Mian, my new fav ":)

MonkieeFong & my sister

walk around in The Curve beforee the movie starts


Step Up 3D ":D
First timee watching 3D moviee.

Gotta out for lunch with family ":) Byee!


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