Saturday 28 August 2010

Somee decision is just hard to make

Pleasee allow me to blow the layer of dust on my blog beforee i start my post *Hahaa* Gosh, I havee not been updating my blog for soo long! Not bcoz of laziness or busying with stuff, I just havee nothing to blog bout. 

Just got back homee from a family gathering, which is actually my little adorable nephew, Marc's full month celebration ":) Was not able to havee a well look at him as the baby sitter was feeding him when we wanna to visit him, so yeaa.  

I'm thinking of studying abroad since I havee started my first year of degree. Yet I'm still holding back from further consideration, I'm so unsure :/ Having chat with my family, aunt and cousin just now and the conversation camee to study. I'm greatly encouraged to do so, as they said I could actually learn and explore moree. So, still in consideration..Sigh..It's hard to decidee laa :/

*Good Night* 


  1. This is a great that u have the chance to go oversea. there are really many things that u can learn if u go oversea. Although it's tough for u to separate with ur lovely family and friend. take ur time to consider about that :))

  2. Thankyouu so much for the comment, appreciate it alot, n i'll consider bout it conscientiously ":)

  3. follow your heart to choose is the best way..any of the decision that you had chosen must be done well...and i think it's give you a lot of experience, knowledge and anything, as long as you do it well in overseas there..make you more mature, and could live in any hard condition...
    hehehehe...good luck for you..