Thursday 29 July 2010


Went snowflake on a random Tuesday night, which initially were only me, my sis, lengleng, jia en n mg but ended up, 12ppl showed up that night hahaa. I dunno how this happened, yet anyways, we had a great night, arent we? :)

Snowflake <3

the snowflake's best seller :D
U wouldnt know how much i LOVE their taro balls!
Alvin & Casey
Lidya, LengLeng, Mg & me :)
the cutieee LengLeng :)
Hahaa :D 
awwwww :)

Visited an orphanage near Cheras last Saturday together with my sis, tyler, gloria n syikin. It was considered as a part of my sis n gloria's Uni Life assignment. However, I felt glad that i've been there n knew thosee children who were brought up in the orphan housee, they're friendly n lovely indeed :) They madee me realized n understand that how blissful am I to havee so much lovee n concern from my parents, siblings, or even frens. Really nicee to know them n sincerely wish that they could havee a better lifee. 

Sadly, we're not allowed to use the photos taken for personal use like posting up to facebook or blog, all of the pics are just allowed to be used in their Uni Life assignments, so no pics of thosee lovely children to be shown :/ Went mamak after finishing all the stuff to havee our lunch, were darn hungry as it was alr 4pm n somee of them hadnt even eaten their breakfast. 

Gloria & Vanessa
Casey, he's not with us in the orphanage but only joining us for lunch
After that me, tyler, vann & sina went Mcdonalds as i wanna to complete my presentation slides