Sunday 18 July 2010

MAPCU Dodgeball Tournament 2010

Again, congratz to UCSI Devil's Duke, champion of MAPCU Dodgeball Tournament 2010 :D 

MAPCU 2010 Dodgeball Tournament was held at Taylor's lakeside coll yest which is 18th of July. I was there with few dodgeball club's member n supporters to show our support towards them. It was my first timee there, and Gawd, the lakeside campus is so darn BIG! Had not taken many pics only n didnt manage to take pics of them when playing competition bcoz i didnt go into the court, i scare kena shoot :P 
Nema, Sina's bro n Mamali
players from HELP coll
KeeChai, Theresa, Aaron
Bee Ling 
AhKean, KeanWai, Eric
Casey, was discussing strategy with the team members
Casey's shoulder get hurt :/ Tyler helped to massage
the gorgeous Mg :)
Edwinson & Bee Ling
Sina & Mamali 
long nose kid due to lying too much hahaa
me & Mamali
LengLeng, Christina, JiaEn, Sherlyn
JiaEn, me, LengLeng, Vanessa & Sherlyn
Mamali, our so-called Jesus, Benji

They played against INTI coll in the final and we're so freaking nervous watching the final match :D The competiton was ended around 5.30pm and the results were released right after the competiton ends.
 *2nd RUNNER UP*
INTI college
*Drum Rolls*
UCSI Devil's Duke :D
Yayy *woohoo*
Group pics of all Devil's Duke member n supporters :)

Cangratzz to all the winning teams!
Great job UCSI Devil's Duke :D


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